Click the underlined links below to download our current promotional material.
2017 TOB Promo Package - Posters, Playlists and Cover Sheet.
2017 Live Demo Clips - A collection of short audio clips of the band playing live. 1 MP3 File.
2017 Unbranded Promo Material - Posters, Playlists and Cover Sheet with no branding. Blanks for agencies and other uses such as appearing posters.

The downloads are all single .zip files. Zip files are compressed for faster download and can contain multiple files and folders in a single zip file to make downloads easy.

If you require assistance with using zip files here are some instructions:

Windows and Linux Operating Systems:
In Windows and Linux, you can right-click the downloaded zip file and select “Extract All…” or “Extract Here” from a menu that will pop open. "Extract All" will allow you to set a path for the extracted folder on your computer. "Extract Here" will uncompress (unzip) the folder in the same location on your computer as the downloaded zip file.

Apple Operating Systems (Mac):
Locate the zip file you downloaded. You can locate the file by typing its name into the Finder application. You'll see ".zip" attached to the end of the folder's name. On a Mac, zip folders are called "compressed" folders. Double-click the zip folder. This will prompt the zip folder to begin copying its contents into a regular folder in the same location as the zip file. It will have the same name as the ZIP folder. Double click the regular folder to view the uncompressed contents.